Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the content of The Whale?

The Whale is a unique attraction that is about whales and life in the sea. It is a place that combines the best of the worlds of science and art. The overall idea is to inspire and engage guests to take care of the ocean by creating a sense of connection between humans and whales. The exhibition is interdisciplinary and deals with:

  • The biology of whales, including the anatomy of whales and the difference between baleen and toothed whales
  • The evolution of whales, including a presentation of the diversity of whales
  • Whales' behaviour, including whales' social behaviour, communication and sounds
  • Whales' interaction with humans, including local whaling, whaling in a global context, as well as whales in art, literature, myths, research and collaboration with people
  • The role of whales in the ecosystem, including whales' nutritional base, recycling of nutrients, climate change and pollution
  • The sea as a resource, including ship traffic, noise, fisheries, oil exploration and mining
  • In collaboration with schools and training institutions, The Whale will develop teaching programs designed for primary and secondary schools, both physically and digitally.
Where will The Whale be built and who designed the architecture?
  • The Whale will be built on Sløyken peninsula in Andenes, with the Andenes lighthouse as its nearest neighbour.
  • In 2019, an international architectural competition was held to find the best design and the most skilled architects to realize The Whale.
  • I 2019 ble det gjennomført en internasjonal arkitektkonkurranse for å finne det beste designet og de dyktigste arkitektene for å realisere The Whale.
  • The renowned Danish architectural firm Dorte Mandrup AS was named the winner of the competition.
  • In 2022, Dorte Mandrup AS received the international prize Global Award for Sustainable Architecture.
Who owns The Whale?

The attraction The Whale is owned by The Whale AS, which consists of 7 shareholders:

ANDØY KOMMUNE is the largest owner of The Whale.

Andøy Municipality
AH Holding AS
Norlandia Holding AS
Eidissen Consult AS
Hvalsafari AS
Whale2Sea AS
Andøy Reiseliv SA

Who will run The Whale?

The Whale Drift AS will operate The Whale. The company is an IDEAL business and a NON-PROFIT company.

The Whale Drift AS does not pay dividends to shareholders.

The profit goes into the business and is used to develop new or further develop already established offers in line with The Whale's purpose.

How much does The Whale cost?

The Whale is budgeted with a cost frame of NOK 455 MILLION.
This includes the building of around 3,700 square meters, development of content and engineering.

How will The Whale be financed?

The Whale is a jointly funded project by:

  • Andøy municipality
  • Nordland county municipality
  • The state
  • Private companies
  • Savings bank foundations
  • Innovation Norway
  • Loans

37% of the funding has been confirmed.

The project is supported by