Situated at the very edge of the Atlantic Ocean, The Whale boasts one of Europe's most extraordinary locations, offering visitors direct access to the breathtaking landscapes of Norway. From here visitors can marvel at the views of the waves, cliffs, sky, and the vast ocean extending all the way to Greenland. Just ten kilometers from the shore, the continental shelf drops sharply, bringing cold, nutrient-rich water to the surface. The underwater canyon Bleiksdjupet, extending towards Andenes, creates optimal conditions for abundant marine life. This location provides an exceptional opportunity to encounter and get close to various whale species year-round, against the backdrop of the midnight sun and northern lights.

The Whale AS. Dorte Mandrup A/S.

Webcam Link

View images of the building site and the location for The Whale from our webcam at Andenes Lighthouse.

The webcam is offline.  See some archive images in the gallery.

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