The Experience

The Whale is a unique attraction that seamlessly blends science and art, celebrating the connection between whales and humans. With a mission to deliver an unforgettable experience, it aims to raise awareness about whales and foster a deeper appreciation for these creatures and the ocean.

The Whale transcends conventional categories, combining the best elements of museums and art galleries to create an innovative experience that is equally impactful for both the heart and the brain.

Additionally, The Whale functions as a vibrant center, hosting evening activities such as lectures, debates, and cultural events for both locals and visitors throughout the year.

Here are some renderings describing the potential interior of The Whale experience, created early in connection with the architectural competition. We are now planning a design competition that is scheduled to take place in Spring 2024. The objective is to find the best design team to further develop these ideas, with the goal of presenting the winner and new images showcasing the content of the experience to the public in the summer of 2024.

Family Adventure: A family of killer whales breaches the ocean surface, extending a captivating invitation for guests to draw closer.

The Initial Encounter: A humpback whale gracefully arches backward, its body moving in a gentle curve along the vaulted ceiling. Simultaneously, it extends its head and one of its long flippers towards the guests, creating a mesmerizing first meeting.

A Beating Heart: A whale in motion captures the essence of the scene. Light flickers on the whale's body, resembling its swim just beneath the ocean surface where sunlight refracts. The sound of a slow heartbeat resonates throughout the room—simultaneously hypnotic and calming.

Oil Flame: A small flame burns in an oil lamp. It is the oil from a single sperm whale. They learn that, once upon a time, most light was produced by burning whale oil.

Eye Contact: You can personally feel what it's like when a whale becomes curious, seeks contact, and looks you directly in the eyes.

Oceans: A large water installation provides a surprising encounter with the whale's world. Centered around an ocean-centric map, continents at the periphery and oceans in the center illustrate the interconnectedness of the oceans and their vast coverage across the planet.

Peekholes: Throughout the exhibition, there are small peekholes. Here, a little story unfolds, a glimpse underwater, or perhaps a surprise.

Interior. The Whale, Dorte Mandrup A/S.

Interior. The Whale, Dorte Mandrup A/S.

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