Project Timeline

Here, you'll find a comprehensive summary of the project timeline, spanning from its initiation to the present.

6th September
The government grants 74 million NOK to The Whale.
23rd August
The Whale receives historic support of 50 million from Samfunnsløftet in Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge.
23rd June
The Whale wins its first international architecture award, "AZ Award 2023," for the best concept and unrealized project.
8th June
Political majority in Andøy decides to allocate 75 million from the Andøy Fund to The Whale.
23rd February
The Whale hosts the ocean conference "Oceans of Hope" for several hundred youths.
Andøy municipality becomes the largest shareholder in The Whale AS, holding 24.89% of the shares after a targeted emission.
Andøy municipality advances 7.5 million NOK of the granted subsidy.
January to December
42 meetings with politicians to secure state financing for The Whale.
14th November
Torchlight procession for The Whale gathers 150 people in Andenes.
7th November
The Whale is presented at "The International Museum Construction Congress."
1st November
Visit from the Youth County Council of Nordland.
Additional 15 million NOK from Andøy municipality.
18th-19th October
Launch of "Our Own Moby Dick Project (Arktis 2030)" in which The Whale is a partner.
15th September
Sound event in collaboration with artists and researchers at Arctic Soundscape.
22nd-23rd June
"Øistein's Pencil," The Whale, and Andøya Space organize a school closing event for children in Andøy.
June to September
The Whale conducts a sustainability analysis and formulates a sustainability document.
11th May
The first machines arrive at the site for ground investigations.
10th May
Presentation of the results from archaeological excavations.
April to June
Establishment of The Whale's operational organization, The Whale Drift AS.
8th–14th March
Start of the EEA project Fenais a Fenais in the Azores, in which The Whale is a partner.
21st February
Joint meeting with the participation of the Ministry of Culture, Nordland County Municipality, Arts Council Norway, Museum Nord, Andøy municipality, and The Whale.
15th December
Collaboration project "From the Depths to Space with Øistein's Pencil" begins.
Sketch development for The Whale's content.
28th August
Minister of Culture Abid Raja grants one million NOK in planning funds for The Whale.
6th August
Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Minister of Local Government and Modernisation Linda Hofstad Helleland visit Andøy to learn about The Whale.
27th July
Archaeologists find whale bones during excavations in Sløyken.
The Whale AS purchases land for the attraction in Andøy municipality.
26th June
Nordland County Council grants 55 million NOK to The Whale.
16th June
Archaeological excavations begin.
7th June
Archaeological excavations on the site commence.
3rd May
The Whale meets Prime Minister Erna Solberg.
14th-15th April
Strong interest in The Whale at the Norwegian Travel Workshop.
26th March
The Whale highlighted by Minister of Culture Abid Q. Raja.
14th February
Andøy Municipal Council grants 15 million NOK in subsidies.
23rd November:
The regulatory plan for The Whale is approved by Andøy Municipal Council.
23rd October
Celebration event for The Whale with 100 Andøy residents.
15th October
Authorities approve The Whale's construction.
Description of the content of The Whale is approved by the board.
11th May
Innovation Norway provides significant support to The Whale on Andenes.
5th March
The Whale meets Crown Prince Haakon in Andenes.
6th February
The Whale and Andøy municipality organize the conference "Protection and Development in Andøy."
Images of the building go global, and Dorte Mandrup AS wins the architecture competition.
1st November
The Whale becomes an international phenomenon.
10th October
Architect proposals tour in Nordland and Troms.
26th September
Exhibition of architect proposals in Andenes.
11th September
The Whale presented at NHO Tourism Conference.
13th July
Success for the whale carnival during the children's market day in Andenes.
24th June
Selected architectural teams visit The Whale's site.
June to October
Archaeological findings lead to a preservation order on the site.
24th May
24 architecture teams apply for prequalification.
2nd May
Prequalification for the architecture competition is launched.
Launch of the international architecture competition.
30th April
The Whale meets Prime Minister Erna Solberg.
1st April
The Whale participates in the Norwegian Travel Workshop.
27th March
The Whale team returns to London for another meeting with Ralph Appelbaum Associates.
19th March
Panel meeting for The Whale on Andenes.
15th March
Meeting in London with Ralph Appelbaum Associates.
7th February
The Whale invites locals for a workshop to gather ideas for architecture and content.
5th February
Design team from Ralph Appelbaum Associates visits Andenes.
11th December
The board and administration go on a study trip to Lofoten.
3rd December
Whale 'n' Wine evening for Andenes residents.
15th October
Owners invest 1 million NOK in phase 3, ensuring progress in The Whale.
Vision and mission for The Whale are approved by the board.
2nd May
Conclusion of Preliminary Project Phase 2 in Sortland.
23rd April
Establishment of The Whale AS.
11th March
In connection with the whale symposium, six-year-old whale ambassador Elliot Meier meets whale researchers.
10th March
Andenes Whale Symposium.
5th March
Steering group goes on a study trip to see attractions and museums in Denmark.
28th November
Whale n' Ale evening to thank supporters.
28th November
Business community invited to The Whale Workshop.
16th October
Samskap grants 1.3 million NOK to The Whale.
24th May
Steering group decides to proceed to the next phase.
21st-22nd March
"Into the Realm of the Whale" with a humpback whale balloon.
22nd March
Over 1000 Andenes residents participate in a whale parade.
1st December
Nordland County Municipality supports The Whale's preliminary project with 300,000 NOK.
29th September
Steering group and administration go on a study trip to see attractions and museums in Iceland.
17th September
Andøy Municipal Business Committee grants 200,000 NOK to The Whale.
Market analysis indicates demand for an attraction in Andenes focused on whales.
28th May
First steering group meeting in the preliminary project for The Whale.
9th April
Official start of the preliminary project for The Whale.
2nd March
The Whale Kick-off event for Andenes residents.
26th January
The first meeting to discuss the establishment of a world-class whale attraction in Andenes. The idea for The Whale is born.

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